Big Bad Wolf Online Slot Rating and Review

The name of Quickspin Gaming’s Big Bad Wolf slot machine, which has won several awards, is one of the reasons why it draws in a large number of slot gamers. The tale of the three little pigs and the big evil wolf was one that everyone of us either retold or listened to when we were children. However, what keeps them coming back is the astounding RTP of 97.34 percent that the slot machine offers. This slot has one of the most impressive return to player percentages (RTP) available, which takes us to our next topic, which is the slot’s volatility. Big Bad Wolf is a very volatile slot that can provide winnings of up to 1,300 times the stake. When you take into account the game’s accommodating betting range, you have the potential to earn some really impressive sums of money by playing it. It doesn’t matter where you are or what time of day it is; you can always access it and spin the reels using your mobile device, which increases the amount of money you may potentially win.

However, the Big Bad Wolf online slot will not only provide you the opportunity to win large prizes, but it will also give you the opportunity to play a game that is both exciting and fascinating. According to the story, there is a possibility that the pigs may get aggressive and fight the large wolf. They are aided in their goal by the swooping reels feature, but they are helpless after you have accumulated enough moon symbols and activated the free spins and blowing down the house extra features. If you play by his rules, the wolf will destroy the dwellings and offer you a multiplier that is two times greater.

Controls & Configuration for the Big Bad Wolf Slot

Keeping things simple is one of Quickspin’s trademark moves. The developer does not want you to have to spend time calculating the number of coins you need to use or the amount of money you need to wager on each line in order to make your bet. In addition, it does not want you to be troubled whenever you make a win, which is why it displays the specific reward you get in the paytable in accordance with the entire amount that you bet on the game. The PC version of the game and the mobile version of the game share the same control options for the game.

As a result, you will be required to place a total wager anywhere from 0.25 credits all the way up to 100 credits, with 13 additional values available in between. When you access the paytable for the current stake, you are able to see the payouts that you will earn as a result of generating successful combinations.

To further illustrate this point, the lowest paying symbols are the royal playing cards, which provide payments of up to three and four times the total bet for the finest possible combination. The pig toy, which is one of the medium-value symbols, awards you with eight times your original wager, while the three small pigs clothed in green, blue, and pink, respectively, provide you with ten times and twelve times your original wager, respectively. The beehive wild is the highest-paying symbol, giving you 40 times your bet for the finest combination if it appears on the reels.

The gameplay and other features of the Big Bad Wolf

One more item has to be covered before we can go on to discussing the characteristics of this slot machine that set it apart from others on the market. The Big Bad Wolf slot machine utilizes one of the mechanisms of the slot that is used the most often and provides you with the opportunity to gamble on 25 different paylines. When you are successful in landing matching symbols on those lines, beginning from the leftmost and working your way to the rightmost, you will have formed a winning combination.

The swopping reels feature is activated whenever you create a winning combination. This feature is a chain reaction that causes the winning symbols to vanish, and it causes brand new symbols to fall into the vacant spaces, coming down from above. The bonus round is over when there are no more winning combinations that can be made. However, the pig symbols will become wild symbols when you have achieved your second victory in the game. After the second victory, one of the pigs will change into a wild pig. When a player has won four games in a row, two of their pigs will transform into wilds. If you are fortunate enough to string together six consecutive victories, then all three pigs will transform into wilds for the remainder of the game. There is a little wild meter in the right-most area of the screen, which allows you to keep track of the number of additional pigs that need to be landed in order to make them wild.

The most impressive feature, though, is that Big Bad Wolf has both the standard wild and wolf scatters. The standard beehive serves as a stand-in for every other sign in the game, with the exception of the scatter wolf and the unique moon icon. This helps players form winning combinations. If you hit three or more wolf scatters during the first round of 10 free spins, you will be awarded an additional 10 free spins and a reward equal to three times the amount of your initial wager.

You may assist the wolf in destroying the pigs’ homes by collecting the unique moon symbols that appear on the fifth and final reel. In the event that you amass three of these symbols, the wolf will blow down the wooden home, and you will be awarded two more spins. If you get six moon symbols, the wolf will tear down the brick home, provide you with two more spins, and double the amount of any subsequent winnings you get.

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